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Well we get commodo soon

But at what price?
This was taken from a friend's journal who was on. I personally wasnt on but here is the quote from iro


iroGM01: Hello this is iRO GM
Today is a great day for iRO
We will permanently remove Hode map from iRO
Because of many bots there
Same, elder willow map will be remove
right geist ill think of that
In next maintenance, hode and elder map will be removed AND
Comodo will be implemented
Without monsters because we are too lazy for that
Sure we are here at gravity.
Christy's haveing a cup of tea next to me
She's saying "STFU let me drink my tea"
Note this are NOT jokes. Comodo will really be implemented tomorro
I was just kidding for Christy :)
We would like to inform you that there will be no rollback
Just stat and skill reset
However, characters above lv70 will be automatically
Level down to lv70 in order to
Make the game more equilibrated
All MVP hats will be cleared from inventory.
Because comodo makes MVP lot harder


Losing rares?!!!! they should NOT do that. gravity seems to LOVE to piss people off!!!!!! and being higher than 70 and being knocked back to 70?! i cant even IMMAGINE how long it takes to level beyond lvl 70


the game world is TOO SMALL already

well this just sucks... more and more i see gravity pissin its life down the drain
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ah, i checked in RO's community (even though i dont like it there) and appearently they were hacked (not surprising seeing as how stupid gravity runs everything)
but at least there's no fear of deleting maps/rollbacks/etc
Not a hard one to spot, actually.
Logically, Sakray would get Comodo before Chaos woul, yes?

Also, we'd be the LAST RO to get Comodo, and MOST of the other ROs don't have it yet.

Most that's going to happen with Elders is that they're going aggro-again, not for a while, however.

Yer friend needs to start reading those messages a bit more liberally q^__^p;;;;

release date for iRO comodo is december