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RPG Goddess

Monk build? (x-posted)

Are 2-2 classes implemented yet on sakray? If so (or even if not lol) does anyone know of a good monk build? I spent a few hours searching for a guide and the best i could find is the following:


Starting stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 5 DEX, 1 LUK

10 STR
10 AGI
10 VIT
10 DEX
10 INT
20 VIT
30 AGI
20 DEX
20 STR
30 VIT
40 AGI
40 INT
49 VIT
30 DEX
80 AGI
80 STR

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 80
AGI: 80
VIT: 49
INT: 40
DEX: 30
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 3739
SP: 693
Hit:129 Flee:179+0
SP recovery standing:0.19 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.38 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1823 sec
HP healed per red pot 44~110

Comments: A fairly nice build with a good mix of AGI, INT and STR. This is
perhaps a good way to start off with a monk if you're planning to get one.
This isn't proven to be the best build for monks yet but they're fairly
decent at a high level. I can't say that this is the build to follow if you
want to be a monk merely a wanna-be build.


I'm not a big fan of battle acos but i think monks are going to be deadly ;) I really want to start working on one for when they are implemented on sakray ^^

Any tips or advise for a future monk of sakray?
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