AndiRO (Private Sever :D)

Before I start, I'm very truly sorry if this type of advertisment isn't allowed here.  But now that that's out of the way...if anyone is interested in joining a HR 10/10/100% server, then feel free to help expand the AndiRO community.  Since we are a new server, we are in need of members to help the sever grow.  Not only is AndiRO up 24/7 with no lag, the members are friendly and the GM's are professional and friendly as well.  There are numerous custom gm-held events from which you can earn rare headgears and other various items.  Download our patcher from our mainpage:

Thank you again for reading and hope to see you soon!



I'm going to get into RO soon, and I was thinking of becoming a Crusader since it seems like the most viable tanking class. Does anyone mind suggesting a stat and skill build?

Has Anyone Else Had This Problem?

I just reactivated my account because I came into some extra money and I realize that the Amatsu upate is comming like next week. I updated my game with the nessasary patch that is needed but now every time I log in and try to get on one of my high level characters I get this message:
Under Here Since It's Semi-LongCollapse )

I have already contacted a GM like the message said before the game shut down but for some reason they deleted my message?! I just updated Direct X (again, even though I just did last weekend since I had to wipe the hard drive). This only affects my three high level characters. I still have two Newbies that I haven't done a thing with and those log in fine (but I don't wish to play with those right now...). I have no idea what else to do other then try to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Please..maybe someone can help me (since the GMs seemed to just delete my post)?!?

I really want to play because I just got my Pink Poring Plushie that I got off Ebay in the mail and every time I look at it I think of my own Cute Pets in the game. >.<; *tear*
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Question About Taming Items?!?

I'm on a search to find some unripe apple's so I can tame a Poring for a pet. There just sooo cute and I want one. >.< However, I can not find any of these so called apples. I've seen a few people sell them in Pont but they are over priced. I checked the IRO site and they say they should only cost 1,000 zeny?! Is there any place that sells them? Please help me out, I really want to tame a Poring with in the next few days.
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paying for ragnarok...

hye i'm currentally paying for IRO :P hit me up some time if you wanna play some, and i'm always accepting free items/zeny ^_^


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Monk build? (x-posted)

Are 2-2 classes implemented yet on sakray? If so (or even if not lol) does anyone know of a good monk build? I spent a few hours searching for a guide and the best i could find is the following:


Starting stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 5 DEX, 1 LUK

10 STR
10 AGI
10 VIT
10 DEX
10 INT
20 VIT
30 AGI
20 DEX
20 STR
30 VIT
40 AGI
40 INT
49 VIT
30 DEX
80 AGI
80 STR

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 80
AGI: 80
VIT: 49
INT: 40
DEX: 30
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 3739
SP: 693
Hit:129 Flee:179+0
SP recovery standing:0.19 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.38 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1823 sec
HP healed per red pot 44~110

Comments: A fairly nice build with a good mix of AGI, INT and STR. This is
perhaps a good way to start off with a monk if you're planning to get one.
This isn't proven to be the best build for monks yet but they're fairly
decent at a high level. I can't say that this is the build to follow if you
want to be a monk merely a wanna-be build.


I'm not a big fan of battle acos but i think monks are going to be deadly ;) I really want to start working on one for when they are implemented on sakray ^^

Any tips or advise for a future monk of sakray?

You have got to be kidding me... -_-

Hello, this is the iRO GM Team.
We found out that some of users are reporting
themselves as their accounts have gone for
some reason, so that they can't access the game
We are investigating this incident,
we will try to restore all deleted accounts as
soon as we can.
Thank you for your understanding.
All i have to say about Gravity and their secuity(wouldn't surprise me if they were hacked again and accounts were deleted) is this...
(yes that is sarcasim incase you couldnt' tell)
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Well we get commodo soon

But at what price?
This was taken from a friend's journal who was on. I personally wasnt on but here is the quote from iro

iroGM01: Hello this is iRO GM
Today is a great day for iRO
We will permanently remove Hode map from iRO
Because of many bots there
Same, elder willow map will be remove
right geist ill think of that
In next maintenance, hode and elder map will be removed AND
Comodo will be implemented
Without monsters because we are too lazy for that
Sure we are here at gravity.
Christy's haveing a cup of tea next to me
She's saying "STFU let me drink my tea"
Note this are NOT jokes. Comodo will really be implemented tomorro
I was just kidding for Christy :)
We would like to inform you that there will be no rollback
Just stat and skill reset
However, characters above lv70 will be automatically
Level down to lv70 in order to
Make the game more equilibrated
All MVP hats will be cleared from inventory.
Because comodo makes MVP lot harder


Losing rares?!!!! they should NOT do that. gravity seems to LOVE to piss people off!!!!!! and being higher than 70 and being knocked back to 70?! i cant even IMMAGINE how long it takes to level beyond lvl 70


the game world is TOO SMALL already

well this just sucks... more and more i see gravity pissin its life down the drain
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Price check

I need a price check for the listed items. All items are for chaos server. Let me know if any of you are interested in any of the following as well.

Icecream(limited edition item)(3)


poring dolls(2)(possiby will be npc fodder unless anyone really wants em lol)

Poring card

Familair card(2) (effects not yet implimented)



Wind of Verdure(2)

Green live(2)

Stardust (3)

Grape Juice(22)

Crystal Blue(2)

Tarou card

Green herbs(139)

Red herbs (488)

Thiefbug cards(6)

Fatty Chubby Worm(2)

Deadly Noxious herb (2)

Dew Laden Moss

Blue herb (6)


Apple Juice

Banna Juice



Poison spore card

Tiny egg Shell

Egg Shell

+6 3s Jurr


Speedy Coat

Extra Jacket

1S padded armor

Also I am buying bottles for 5z each on chaos server. If your interested contact me via aim or email